Why They call Omega 3 Seeds Chia Seeds

Why They call Omega 3 Seeds Chia Seeds

by Tara

The word chia actually comes from an Aztec word that means oily. This is why these chia sees are sometimes called omega 3 seeds. Omega 3 fatty acids are unsaturated fats that are only found in plants. They are not so easy to come by and so you will find that there are a lot of supplements out there for these fatty acids.

Thanks to discovery of chia seeds you no longer have to take these supplements that have all types of fillers. You can instead get a natural source of omega 3 seeds which has a mild taste so it can be added to anything that you eat. Though there are other nuts that contain omega 3 such as the flax seeds and kiwi seeds, it is the chia seeds that contain the most amount and hence the name omega 3 seeds.

You may not know much about chia seeds but instead know about linseed. If you are familiar with the way that linseed agglutinates then that is the same way the chia seeds act when placed to soak in a liquid. This is why these seeds are good for you as they do the same thing when inside your stomach. It slows down the body’s ability to absorb fats and refined carbohydrates thus less is stored.

The beauty about these seeds is that they can be eaten in a number of ways. Since they are so versatile you can have them at any meal whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can also be blended in drinks whether hot or cold. If you want to remain creative you can sprout the seeds and use the sprouts in salads as well as the seeds as a topping for the salads. There really is no limit to the many uses that you can find for these omega 3 seeds.

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