My Great Grand Mother taught me How to Eat Chia Seeds

My Great Grand Mother taught me How to Eat Chia Seeds

by Tara

If you are new to chia seeds and are wondering how to eat chia seeds you will be surprised to know that there are many ways you can go about eating these tiny seeds. If you didn’t know before these little seeds are very potent in nutritional content and if you want to ensure that your family is eating healthy then this will be a great addition to your pantry.

Back in the day, the best way how to eat chia seeds was to eat them raw. But we don’t have to do that today as it can be added to a number of different recipes. If you want to, you can still eat them raw as they have a very mild flavor so you don’t have to worry about getting accustomed to it.

Here are a number of ways how to eat chia seeds which are all quite easy to prepare and you will enjoy them to the fullest. First there is ever so popular Mexican drink Chia Fresca. All you need for this is 10 ounces of water and 2 tsp of the chia seeds. If you wish you could add some lime juice and your choice of sweetener or you can use some fruit juice instead of water for flavor.

For the answer to how to eat chia seeds you can add it to your cereal at breakfast or you can add it to your salads at lunch, you can also add it to yogurt for desert. You can add it to cake mixes as well as any other type of baked products and you can ground the seed to make flour which you can use as a substitute for regular flour. You can use the gel as a substitute for thickeners such as cornstarch in all your favorite recipes.

You can even add chia seeds to your favorite drinks, whether they are cold or hot drinks. These are just a few ways how to eat chia seeds and I am sure you will come up with some of your own.

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