Make Use of Chia Seeds|Diabetes Prevention

by Tara

There are many benefits of chia seeds, diabetes control and prevention is just one of them. Thanks to these tiny little seeds there is really no need for you to make a drastic change in your eating habits or spend lots of money on expensive medications. All you need to control or to prevent your diabetes is to start eating chia seeds.

The Aztecs took advantage of the benefits of chia seeds and fed them to their army’s elite as well as to their children to help them grow properly. Because these little seeds have the ability to keep you feeling satiated quicker and longer it allowed them to be able to fight in battles longer and as such they were able to overcome many nations.

When it comes to chia seeds, diabetes control is done by the same mechanism. Since your glucose and insulin levels are what control diabetes you want to eat chia to counteract these. If you are to continue eating only the sugary and high starch content foods you will continually have problems with diabetes as your body quickly converts these things to sugar then this causes your blood sugar levels to spike.


Adding chia seeds to your diet gives your system a break due to the high fiber content in the seeds. This fiber is viscous fiber and that is why a gel is formed around the seeds when you add water to them. This slows down the rate at which carbohydrates are converted into sugar and thus it helps to keep your glucose levels regular.

With chia seeds, diabetes control is possible without continuous injections and expensive treatment. Just add chia to the foods you already eat and you will benefit from it as it will allow your body to take up glucose slowly into the blood thus eliminating spikes in the insulin concentration of the blood.

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