Chia Seeds and Cholesterol

Chia Seeds and Cholesterol

by Tara

It is a known fact that Chia seeds can lower cholesterol. The connection between chia seeds and cholesterol has been researched and it was found that there are a number of ways that these little seeds do their magic.

The first way is through the help of fatty acids. Fatty acids are necessary for taking oxygen around the body and into the various cells. Chia seeds are high in linoleum acid which plays a vital role in cholesterol control.

The second means is through the high fibre content. Chia seeds have a soluble fibre content of 90% which means that they are mostly bulk. This basically cleans out your system as well as it makes you feel fuller quicker and hence you will eat less of the foods that contribute to you having a high cholesterol level.


One other way the connection with chia seeds and cholesterol works, is by the presence of Long-Chain Triglycerides which are good fats that help to get rid of cholesterol in the body.


The best thing about chia seeds is that they can be added to pretty much anything so it is not hard to use them in your meals. They also have a very mild taste and as such won’t alter the taste of your dishes. You will be getting the correct nutrition without even knowing that its there. Not only will you be getting the correct nutrition but you will also be getting a number of other benefits not including having your cholesterol lowered.

Chia seeds are a wonderful addition to the diet of anyone, no matter what their age. The connection between chia seeds and cholesterol is not the only beneficial one.  There are many ebenefits of these tiny seds, that is why they have been deemed a super food.

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