Best ever Chia Seeds Recipes

Best ever Chia Seeds Recipes

by Tara

Adding Chia Seed Recipes to your diet are a great way to ensure that you are eating healthy. Chia seeds are very mild in flavor so they can be used in many of your already favorite recipes. Since it can make a gel you can use it as a thickener for sauces, puddings and even fruit jams and jellies.

You will find chia seeds recipes that ask for the whole seeds themselves or the gel, the sprouts or the ground seed. There are quite a lot of these chia seeds recipes on the internet as well as in cookbooks but my all time favorites are some of the best that I have ever tried. So I decided I had to share them with you.

My first favorite is the Chia Rice Salad. This is one of the chia seeds recipes that require the chia gel. For this recipe you put the oil, chia gel, diced garlic, herbs and salt in a jar and shake to mix them together. Once this is thoroughly mixed you can pour it on the rice and toss it around lightly to make an even blend. Stir in the remaining vegetables when this is cool and there you have your chia rice salad.

The next recipe I have for you is a soup; this is one of the chia seeds recipes that call for the dried chia seeds. Here we have the Non-Dairy Creamy Chia Mushroom Soup. For a milk substitute you can use nuts to make your milk. Add 1 cup of your desired nuts to approximately 6 cups of water and blend this until it is smooth. Place the chia seeds in this mix and allow it to stand for 15 minutes. Sauté mushrooms and add to previous mixture then transfer to a pot where you will add the remaining vegetables and allow this to cook for 4 minutes. Add the remaining mushrooms and tomatoes and allow it to cook for 30 minutes after which you can serve.

The next on my list of best chia seeds recipes is a fruit dish. This can be used as a dessert and you can customize it with all your favorite fruits and toppings. This is another recipe that calls for the seeds. Other ingredients you will need an apple, ½ a banana, some raisins, cranberries, your preferred nuts along with some almond butter and a couple scoops of living fuel. Combine all these ingredients in a large bowl and toss and serve.

Enjoy these chia seeds recipes of find some of your own.

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