The Difference Between Black and White Chia Seeds

The Difference Between Black and White Chia Seeds

by Tara

Though most of us are used to black chia seeds there are also white chia seeds as well. The black seeds are more predominant to the extent that some people don’t even know that the white version of chia seeds exists. The good news is that the nutritional compositions of both are very similar and only a few minor components are different. And although the soil and temperature where they are grown plays some role in that as well, there is no large difference in the nutritional content of either seed.

Both the black as well as the white chia seeds are considered as super foods so you don’t have to worry about which is better to purchase and eat. People who use the chia seeds for beverages tend to prefer the white version as this doesn’t discolor their drinks. If you are going to drink it raw especially it will be more appealing if you were drinking the white one. If the black seeds are fine for you and don’t turn your appetite then by all means continue to eat the black seeds.

There have been claims made that the white seeds are higher in protein content than the black grains but this is not entirely true. The white seeds may be a little higher in protein than the black seeds based on where they are grown. Since things like the soil and temperature of the place that the plant is grown does affect the nutrient content, both black and white chia seeds grown in the same area will have their entire nutritional content and not just protein alone being identical. So enjoy your chia seeds no matter what color they are, knowing you are still eating the best.

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